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School Uniforms

Children are expected to wear the correct school uniform including the school hat at all times. The uniform should be neat, clean, tidy and in good repair.

Children are required to bring a note of explanation if they are unable to wear the correct school uniform.

Hats with the school crest, must be worn whenever children are out doors
in all school terms.

All items of clothing are to be clearly marked with the child’s full name.

Full sports uniform is to be worn on class Physical Education and Sports Days.

Children are expected to take pride in their school uniform and personal appearance.

Hair beyond collar length is to be tied back, red or green ribbons only. Extreme hairstyles are not permitted. Nail polish and jewellery must not be worn to school, with the exception of a watch. If it is necessary for earrings to be worn they must be plain stud earrings.

A Uniform Notification note will be sent home if a student is not in the correct uniform without an explanatory note from the parent.


Liwara School Uniform


Uniform Shop

The Uniform Shop is situated between the P & F Store and the Sports Store under the school library. Correct school uniform items can be purchased through the uniform shop, as items purchased elsewhere may not conform to school uniform standards.

The uniform shop is run on an entirely volunteer basis, which results in the cheapest possible prices. We ask that all customers show their appreciation for the volunteers’ generosity in giving their time and care this work involves by thoughtful and courteous customer behaviour.


Opening Hours

Friday: 8:00am – 9:15am, 2.30pm – 3.15pm

The uniform shop opens for additional hours during each holiday period. These additional times will be advertised throughout the year via parent communication channels.


Order Forms

Uniform Order Form

Kindy Tshirt Order Form

Rain Jacket Order Form