The School Board consists of 10 members, which include the Parish Priest and the School Principal. The role of the Board is to help the school fulfil its educational responsibilities in accordance with the guidelines and polices set out by the Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia.

The Board manages the overall finances of the school and is entrusted with planning to meet the present and future needs of students.

Although the Board has no authority in the internal operation of the school it works closely with the staff through the Principal, Mrs Andrea Millar, to provide support and to act as an advisory service in the decision making process.

The Board meets on a monthly basis and is kept up to date about relevant school development, Curriculum issues, Parish news and planned fundraising and social events involving the Parents and Friends.

Involvement of the school community through the School Board allows Liwara to continue to value open, collaborative leadership where parents, children and staff are true partners.


2020 School Board

Ex-Officio Member:
Parish Priest - Fr Elver Delicano

Ex-Officio Member:
School Principal - Andrea Millar



Board Chair:
Basil Manganaro

Vice Chair:
Nicola McVay

Clare Combe

Paul O'Brien

Michael Nemere
Simon Stevenson

Assistant Principal Representatives:
Angela Leddin
John Dols

Parish Representative:  
John Fernandez

P & F Representative:
Amy Styles