FUN FRIENDS an early intervention and prevention of anxiety and depression as well as a focus on social skills. For more information click on the link: FunFriends

URSTRONG FRIENDOLOGY SCHOOLS PLUS is a friendship program that inspires children to feel empowered, develop a strong sense of self and love themselves while learning to manage the most important thing to them….their friendships. To find out more information please click on the link: UrStrong Friendology 101

SEASONS FOR GROWTH - a loss and grief peer support group offered at various year levels depending on need. For more information click on the link: Seasons for Growth

EDCONNECT - a mentoring and in-class support program provided through EdConnect Australia where mentors spend an hour a week during school time. The main focus of the mentoring is to match students with a mentor to provide support and be a positive role model and to improve students’ self-esteem and confidence whilst engaging with positive adult role models. For more information click on the link: EdConnect