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Our Students

At Liwara Catholic Primary School we recognise and appreciate the importance of providing an education for our students that not only develops and fosters their academic learning, but also their social and emotional learning and growth. Our students are young people who represent a wide variety of talents, backgrounds and experiences and therefore we are committed to valuing their differences and celebrating each young person’s individual strengths and needs. Our students are responsible, friendly and caring, both inside the school and as citizens of the wider community, the city, our nation and the world.

Pastoral care at Liwara exists within the quality of our daily relationships. The ways in which people interact with each other in the daily life of the school significantly affects each person’s sense of wellbeing, identity and self worth. Everyone in the school community has a responsibility to foster quality interpersonal relationships amongst teachers, students, parents, support staff, priests and parish community. Liwara Catholic Primary School strives to provide to all, the experience of high quality interpersonal relationships of care and support. Therefore, each member is both a provider and recipient of pastoral care.

As a school community, Liwara responds with increasing sensitivity to the social and cultural diversity of our members. It is in and through pastoral care that much can be done to promote, respect and to support such things as diverse family structures, different ways of expressing our shared Catholic faith and an awareness of cross-cultural issues. School policies and practices are respectful of the dignity, rights and fundamental freedoms of each student and provide learning opportunities that are responsive to their unique needs for growth and fulfilment.

Mental health and the wellbeing of our students is a priority at Liwara and as part of our commitment to the students we are a KidsMatter School and implement mental health and wellbeing programs from Kindergarten through to Year Six: PATHS - Aussie Optimism - Rock & Water – Respect Matters – URSTRONG Friendology – Fun Friends - Seasons For Growth – EdConnect - Buddy Classes Initiative - Levels of Behaviour Framework - Sensory Garden – Sensory Room - Safe4Kids which specialises in Child Protection Education.




My role as the School Social Worker at Liwara is to provide support and counselling to children and their families. I am available usually on Mondays and Wednesdays between 7.30am and 3.30pm. In summary, I offer confidential counselling and support to all students and families in relation to issues that may be impacting upon them. Issues may include grief and loss, separation and divorce, family conflict, peer and friendship concerns, anxiety and fears, school refusal, dealing with emotions such as anger and frustration, self-esteem and confidence building.

My role includes individual counselling and support and as well as providing small and whole of class group work. For individual support, a consent form needs to be signed by parents prior to students being seen. This is available via the school website. Both parents need to consent, but in situations with one parent being a primary caregiver, consent is required from the primary caregiver only. Alternatively, forms can be accessed by contacting me directly via email on:


Any parents are welcome to contact me here at the school on Mondays or Wednesday to chat about concerns, or just clarify whether it would be helpful for me to be involved in some way. I look forward to working alongside our Liwara families and community.

Warm wishes

Jane Evans

School Social Worker/Counsellor



FUN FRIENDS  – early intervention and prevention of anxiety and depression as well as a focus on social skills with Year 1 classes.

URSTRONG’S Friendology 101  – a friendship program of 8 sequential sessions that inspire children to feel empowered, develop a strong sense of self, and love themselves while learning to manage the most important thing to them…their friendships. URSTRONG is an internationally-recognised friendship program that gives children the language, skills, and self-confidence to be better friends and develop healthier relationships. These groups were introduced in 2017 with the Year 2, the Year 4 and the Year 5 classes.

They are run at various year levels depending on need.

SEASONS FOR GROWTH – a loss and grief peer support group offered at various year levels depending on need. These groups are also facilitated by trained staff members in small groups and run over 8 sequential weeks with a celebration at the end of the sessions at which a parent/caregiver or relative is invited to attend.

EDCONNECTa mentoring and in-class support program provided through EdConnect Australia. Mentors spend an hour a week during school time with allocated students who would benefit from one-on-one support from a mentor. The main focus of the mentoring is to match students with a mentor to provide support and be a positive role model for students identified by teachers and the Social Worker. Mentors, with their students, do various activities, including arts and crafts, as well as contributing to the school, through projects such as recycling materials to make things of use in the school, such as "scarecrows" for the garden beds. The Social Worker co-ordinates this program with the full support of the Principal and staff. The program's main focus is to improve students' self-esteem and confidence and to engage with positive adult role models.



The Rock & Water-program is conducted by a trained facilitator and is aimed at raising self-awareness of personal strengths and abilities.  The program uses physical activity to promote resilience and explores how to play, work and live together with others in a changing, multicultural society.


Teachers use the Western Australian Curriculum to guide Health lessons centered around self-care, self-esteem and self-awareness.  Students are also involved in personalised classroom practices that promote and teach positive well-being.


Liwara has a whole school approach to assisting students to develop personal connections with students in other year levels.  Students participate in activities and Liturgical celebrations together with their buddies.


Protective Behaviours is a unit of work being taught across the entire school, helping students to identify their feelings, recognise unsafe feelings and develop the skills necessary to act in these situations.


A whole school approach to ‘Levels of Behaviour’ is a positive, student generated behaviour system, which develops better social, emotional and academic outcomes for students.


A room designed to meet the sensory needs of students where required.  Sensory tools are available to be used under the guidance of an adult and can be utilised within the classroom where appropriate.