At Liwara Catholic Primary, ‘Leadership’ is of great importance, particularly developing this in our Year 6 students in preparation for high school. One of the ways this attribute is developed is through their participation in Ministries and Acts of Services. During Ministry time, each Ministry is given a mentor, a classroom teacher who volunteers to guide them, and they meet weekly to organise school events, fundraisers towards charities and more. Ministry groups are also given the chance to arrange a meeting time with the principal to get approval for ideas. During Acts of Service, students give their time towards assisting in different areas of the school, both inside and outside the classroom.

We approach these roles and responsibilities with Faith, Trust, Respect and Mercy- Our school values.

Our ministries include:
Sport Ministry
Environment Ministry
Social Justice Ministry
Special Events Ministry
Publicity Ministry

Our Acts of Service include…
Gardening Gurus
Classroom Helpers
Canteen Helpers
Recycling Helpers
Nature Play
Hymn Singing Helpers

Students are given the opportunities throughout the year to experience both a Ministry and Act of Service role. We are believers in students being the captains of their own learning and our Ministries/Acts of Service program is an example of this.