My role as the School Social Worker at Liwara is to provide support and counselling to children and their families. I am available usually on Mondays and Wednesdays between 7.30am and 3.30pm. In summary, I offer confidential counselling and support to all students and families in relation to issues that may be impacting upon them. Issues may include grief and loss, separation and divorce, family conflict, peer and friendship concerns, anxiety and fears, school refusal, dealing with emotions such as anger and frustration, self-esteem and confidence building.

My role includes individual counselling and support and as well as providing small and whole of class group work. For individual support, a consent form needs to be signed by parents prior to students being seen. This is available via the school website. Both parents need to consent, but in situations with one parent being a primary caregiver, consent is required from the primary caregiver only. Alternatively, forms can be accessed by contacting me directly via email on: 

Any parents are welcome to contact me here at the school on Mondays or Wednesday to chat about concerns, or just clarify whether it would be helpful for me to be involved in some way. I look forward to working alongside our Liwara families and community.

Warm wishes

Jane Evans

School Social Worker/Counsellor