At Liwara Catholic Primary School, we believe every child has the right to feel safe and happy in their learning environment. To achieve this, we need to ensure that all students, parents, staff and the wider community are aware of the very important roles and responsibilities that each of us plays in providing a safe learning environment.

We have put together this information page to help everyone understand the important roles and responsibilities that we all share in ensuring that Liwara remains a safe place. We hope you find these resources useful and provide you with clarity to help you understand your options, should you need them.


At Liwara we offer Support and Healing by providing:

  • Access to our school Social Worker
  • Up-to-date records for Mandatory Reporting and the investigation process



At Liwara we support the Voice of the Child by providing:

  • Extra curricular programs to support our students: sensory programs, extension and
  • Student Ministry meetings held each week
  • Students facilitated in workshop, to write a Student Code of Conduct

At Liwara we promote Culture through:

  • Each classroom creating its own rules at the start of the year
  • Ensuring our Making Jesus Real program is embedded across the school
  • Maintaining the Register of Complaint

At Liwara we promote Governance & Leadership with:

  • A child safety focus at regular staff meetings
  • Professional Learning for Child Safe Curriculum
  • Annual training by all staff for Mandatory Reporting and the Child Safe Framework

At Liwara we work with Policies and Procedures:

  • Policies and procedures which are regularly reviewed at staff meetings
  • Staff who participate in annual professional development on the Staff Code of Conduct and Mandatory Reporting

At Liwara we follow Human Resource Practices by keeping records of all:

  • Staff Mandatory Reporting training certificates
  • Working With Children Checks which are required for visitors and volunteers who attend Liwara

At Liwara we follow Investigating & Reporting methods via:

  • A crisis Management Plan
  • Regular Emergency Evacuation Drills
  • Risk assessment and review processes

At Liwara we provide Risk Management via:

  • Parent flow of concerns
  • Child flow of concerns
  • Complaints register
  • Student feedback/Student Code of Conduct

At Liwara we provide Quality Assurance:

  • Annual Curriculum Plan
  • School Strategic Plan
  • School Improvement Plan
  • Cyclical Reviews
  • Annual Financial Audit
  • Liwara’s Code of Conduct (Students, Staff, Parents)