Principal: Mrs Andrea Millar
Assistant Principals: Mr John Dols, Miss Angela Leddin
Enrichment Teacher & Coordinator of Students with Disabilities (SWD): Mrs Jacqueline Chivell
Pre Kindy:
Mrs Michelle Green & Mrs Priscilla Marklew-Woodford

Mrs Michelle Bratich (K GREEN) Mrs Karen Weston (K RED)
EAs Ms Deb Noddings, Mrs Priscilla Marklew-Woodford (KG) -  Mrs Lisa Strauch,, Ms Cate Ross (KR)

Pre Primary:
Ms Taylor Carter and Mrs Bronwyn White (PP GREEN)
Mrs Tracy Lewis and Mrs Belinda Bywater (PP RED)

Year 1:
Miss Lisa Lenzo (1 GREEN)
Mrs Andrea Shilkin (1 RED)
Year 2:
Mrs Paola Dawe (2 GREEN)
Mrs Kel Biggar (2 RED)
Yr 1/2 EA : Mrs Shirley Van Rullen
Year 3:
Mrs Sarah Carberry (3 GREEN)
Miss Alberta Bodeker (3 RED)
Year 4:
Mr Barry mcGilloway (4 GREEN)
Mrs Karen Swift (4 RED)
Year 5:
Mrs Andrea Rattray (5 GREEN)
Mrs Amanda McCabe (5 RED)
Year 6:
Mrs Federica Huntington (6 GREEN)
Mrs Remy McGavigan (6 RED)
Enrichment: Mrs Renee Haynes, Mrs Shirley Van Rullen, Tracy Pearce & Natalie Regan
Languages – Italian: Signora Jessica Licastro
Music: Mr Marco Cilli
Physical Education: Mr John Dols
Science: Ms Angela Leddin
Visual Arts: Ms Ruth Harris
IT/REACH: Mrs Melissa Cahill
Social Worker: Mrs Jane Evans
Library Education Officer: Mrs Gaye Margetic
Administration: Mrs Anthea Pickering, Mrs Karen Rosser & Mrs Julie Basso
Bursar: Mrs Lee Hansen
Grounds and Maintenance: Mr Chris Ridout
OSHC Centre Manager/Educational Leader: Ms Marie Bertrand
Nominated Supervisor: Ms Amanda Tebb