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We pray to God so we can be

a loving Catholic community,

With faith, respect, trust and mercy

each day our school is a place to learn and play

Our environment needs our love and care

All Saints protect us everywhere

Bless us as our community gathers

where every single person matters

At Liwara we give thanks to you

Help us Lord in all we do.


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Come let’s gather to Liwara

Where in Christ we’ll build tomorrow

Build in faith, hope, love all three

Only source of unity

See the trees grow straight and tall

A symbol of the Christian call

With branches raised as if in prayer

For God’s creative healing care

Let us too this lesson learn

And children to our Father turn

In praise and pleading for His care

And with others freely share

So built in Him in grace we’ll grow

And to our world His kingdom show

His kindness, truth, fidelity

Justice, peace, community

Here will reign one full of grace

The one who gave Christ dwelling place

She Liwara’s Queen will be

Christ’s own Mother Mary

So let’s gather to Liwara

Seed to plant for our tomorrow

Planting, building high endeavour

For the fruits which last forever