Italian takes place weekly, for students from Kindergarten to Year Six for a period of fifty minutes.  Our students are very fortunate to be able to come to an Italian classroom, for their weekly lesson, where they are surrounded by extensive visual resources, which further enhance their learning, by creating a stimulating environment. We are also in a privileged position, at Liwara, to offer Italian at Kindy level, as this is the most optimal time to start learning a second language.

We use of the digital platform Seesaw, which has further improved the learning a second language. This enables students to post their work in a digital format or by taking a photo of their hand- written work. Furthermore, students can record themselves reading in Italian and are able to receive prompt feedback on their pronunciation.

Special emphasis is put, when learning Italian, on listening and speaking, as this is of pivotal importance when learning a second language. From Year 3 onwards, writing is increasingly important and students are instructed in English and Italian grammar, in a fun and communicative way. The dual knowledge of grammar reinforces its knowledge in both languages, improving the student’s overall ability in speaking, reading, writing and comprehension.

Culture is an integral part of second language learning, as such, it is constantly integrated into Italian lessons. Cultural Understanding is a part of the West Australian Curriculum, as it broadens the student’s global knowledge and it encourages tolerance and empathy towards other cultures.