The Physical Education program at Liwara is about the students enjoying themselves, learning and developing skills as well as keeping fit and active. The Physical Education curriculum ensures the students experience a wide variety of sports, games and activities. The students are encouraged to always try their best, support their peers and display positive teamwork.

In Term 1, the Year 4, 5 and 6 students compete in the School Faction Swimming Carnival and the Interschool Swimming Carnival. The summer sports students are involved in are Cricket, Volleyball, Basketball and Tennis. Outdoor Education activities at the start of the year cement teamwork, communication and cooperation skills.

Term 2 focuses on Winter Sports such as Football, Soccer, Netball and Street Hockey. The Year 5 and 6 students compete in the Interschool Winter Lightning Carnival. Another focus for Term 2 is Cross Country Running. To get the students prepared for Cross Country, Liwara Running Club is scheduled throughout Term 2 and 3. The attendance is always excellent with at least a quarter of the school students participating. The Year 1 students also visit Vital Gymnastics Centre for a 5 week gymnastics program.

In Term 3 the students are involved in jumping, throwing and running activities in the build up to the School Faction Athletics Carnival which involves students from Pre Primary to Year 6. The students participate and compete in fun faction games, sprints and relays, 800m and 400m runs as well as the field events (Shot Put, Turbo Javelin, Long Jump and High Jump) take place during lessons.

In Term 4 a selection of Years 3 - 6 students compete at the Interschool Athletics Carnival. Lessons at this time are once again focusing on summer sports and activities. In conjunction with all the activities mentioned above, Liwara also offers the Rock and Water program that encourages resilience and enhances body awareness for Year 6, a Perceptual Motor Program (PMP) for Pre Primary students that improves gross motor movement and balance and the Bluearth Program for all year levels which involves fun games, tagging games and Yoga.

Our four factions are based on the four natural elements. Teangi (GREEN) meaning earth. Boree (RED) meaning fire. Aroona (BLUE) meaning water and Rawlinna (YELLOW) meaning wind.

Swimming Carnival