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We celebrate the Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary on Tuesday 8th September and we honour her with this beautiful prayer....... The Hail Mary.

FAITH          TRUST          RESPECT          MERCY

Our Leadership Team

 From the Principal's Desk

Dear Parents and Caregivers

This Sunday we will be celebrating Father's Day and I’m sure that you will do your best to spoil all of our fathers and grandfathers. We are now over halfway through this term and we are very pleased with the efforts and achievements of our students.  We encourage them to continue working diligently and always strive to reach their full potential. We thank our parents and carers for their ongoing support and co-operation and for assisting the school in providing wonderful learning and personal growth opportunities for our students.

Our annual Athletics Carnival will be taking place on Wednesday 23 September. It will be run a little differently this year with an outline of the day having been posted on Seesaw for all families.  We hope to have a wonderful community day. Please ensure you read all the details carefully so we can work together to ensure the well-being and safety of all community members, by following the protocols outlined.  Mr Dols and Mr Ridout will be positioning the spectators' and students' areas differently this year to maximise the space for physical distancing, to make the day as safe as possible.  I suggest you bring a large picnic blanket and place your chairs on it to use as a guide. If each family group remains on their blanket, we should be able to maintain the two square metre rule between families.

I wish all fathers and grandfathers a wonderful day on Sunday. I hope you get to enjoy the day with your families.

Wishing you God's blessings.

Andrea Millar


Kindy Enrolments1

From The Assistant Principals' Desk


The Year 3 students will be celebrating the Sacrament of Reconciliation on Saturday 12th September. Please keep them in your prayers. 

Class Masses 

All Year 6 and Year 5 students will be attending Parish Masses with their Year level during the next fortnight. 

Learning Journey 

Due to Covid restrictions, the annual Learning Journey Night has been re-designed into a digital format where student work and commentary will be uploaded to Seesaw for parent viewing on the proposed Learning Journey date of Tuesday 15th September. 

Merit Certificates

Week 6 - 28 August 2020

PPG     Chevy McCarthy & Tiannah Germano

PPR     Erin Zinmerman, Makenzie Magorian & Kasia Watson

1G       Elvira Conroy, Ava Bonanno & leila Spivey

1R       Cohen Rappeport & Mitchell Marlow

2G       Lotte Fox & Riley Flanagan

2R       Charlotte Lane & Molly Buck

3G       Campbell Portward & Harlow Mak

3R       Dante Pendergrast & Christian Condelli

4G       Sophie Moala & Rory Hill

4R       Stephanie Brennan & Katie Walsh

5G       Elijah Lopresti & Izabel Pylarinos

5R       Sebastian Magorian & Ashleigh Thorsen & Benjamin Perkins

6G       Ashleigh Grant & Taylor Beresford-Peirse

6R       Sophie Hetman & Jake Lees


Where Are They Now ?

Past Student Success Story - "Where Oh Where is" Rebecca Hamer?

Currently, our past student Rebecca is teaching at the Australian International School in Singapore where she has settled after spending time in Jakarta, Moscow and Bali.  All great background for her published book series "Where Oh Where is Monty Bear".

Much to the delight of some of our students Rebecca presented a 'virtual' Monty Bear session in 2019 and one of our students was lucky enough to take our Monty Bear with her when she visited Singapore. We are planning some future 'virtual' sessions for our Kindy & Pre Primary students before the end of this term.

Rebecca also has two YouTube channels - Bec The Boss & Monty Bear.

Rebecca attended Liwara from 1984  -1988 and is planning on returning to Australia soon to take up a position teaching Middle School Drama.


Athletics Carnival

Liwara Athletics Carnival 

This year’s Athletics Carnival will go ahead on the scheduled date of Wednesday 23rd September (weather permitting) in a Covid-modified format. Running races (including relays) will be held in two stages with Year 1 – 3s commencing at 9am and the Years 4 – 6 at 11.15am. The Team/Tabloid games (usually run before the recess break) will be run in Physical Education classes, like the Field events, in the weeks prior. Please note that it was always the intention that, in 2020, Pre-Primary would become part of the Early Childhood/Kindy Carnival in Term 4 and therefore, will not participate in this carnival.  

All Champion Boy/Girl and Faction Awards will remain the same and, relevant presentations and announcements will be made after each of the sections. 

 Parents are invited to attend but will have restricted access to the oval area where the students will be. Parents will not be allowed onto the track or playground area at any stage of the day. The carpark side of the oval will be available for set-up and viewing events and, to make viewing easier, the main straight of the track will be located on the same side as the parent area. As parents/grandparents will not have access to the school facilities, portaloos will be provided. A coffee van will also be on site for this event.  

Parents are asked to comply with current social distancing expectations at all times. 

The Staff will be running a pre-ordered sausage sizzle on behalf of the P&F for lunchtime. The order form will follow soon.  

Although some inconvenience may be experienced in this case, we wish to stress that these changes have been made to our Carnival on the basis of ensuring continued student safety and public social distancing expectations. 

Field Events Results 

Congratulations to these students on their success in the Athletics Field events for Years 3 to 6 held in Physical Education lessons this term. 

  Shot Put  Long Jump  Turbo Javelin 
Year 3 - Boys 
1st  Isaac Ndirangu  Connor Clark  Connor Clark 
2nd  Mason Shanks  Isaac Ndirangu  Isaac Ndirangu 
3rd  Blake Bialy  Daniel Kerby  Blake Bialy 
4th  Sam McCallum  Blake Bialy/Noah Bradshaw  Campbell Portwood 
Year 3 - Girls 
1st  Leila Croxford  Leila Croxford/Aiza Torkington  Leila Croxford 
2nd  Leah Colley  n/a  Poppy Stevenson  
3rd  Evie Muir  Harriet Barker  Aiza Torkington 
4th  Charli Slevin  Charli Slevin  Holly Murray 
Year 4 - Boys 
1st  Jett Sims  Matthew Staniforth  Mattia Muscuso 
2nd  Thomas Bozich  Sam Sadler  Matthew Staniforth 
3rd  Mattia Muscuso  Mattia Muscuso  Harry Jones 
4th  Matthew Staniforth  Isaac Canzurlo  Kai Rose 
Year 4 - Girls 
1st  Abigail Allison  Edyn Conroy  Larissa Friedlieb 
2nd  Ruby Deurloo  Abigail Allison  Mia Willoughby 
3rd  Lara Chester  Larissa Friedlieb  Abigail Allison 
4th  Ava Shield  Sophie Moala  Ashley Fitt 


  Shot Put  Long Jump  Turbo Javelin 
Year 5 - Boys 
1st  Campbell Bishop  Campbell Bishop  Cooper Doepel 
2nd  Sam O’Brien  Benjamin Johnson  Sam O’Brien 
3rd  Jake Temov  Darcy White  Hudson Allsworth 
4th  Cooper Doepel  Ben Hawkins  Campbell Bishop 
Year 5 - Girls 
1st  Gemma Fox  Mackenzie Gilford  Stella Williams 
2nd  Stephanie Finlay  Ashleigh Thorsen  Chloe Pires 
3rd  Stella Williams  Caitlin Portwood  Stephanie Finlay 
4th  Ashleigh Thorsen  Mia Leather  Eliza Virgo 
Year 6 - Boys 
1st  Oliver Clark  Oliver Clark  Oliver Clark 
2nd  Josh Ndirangu  Antonio Panetta-Iannantuoni  Evan Anderson 
3rd  George Hemmingway  Sebastian Pope  Tyler Pires 
4th  Tyler Pires  George Hemmingway  Finn Allsworth 
Year 6 - Girls 
1st  Zadie Torkington  Hope Walker  Hope Walker 
2nd  Emaleah Burns  Ruby Hodge/ Zadie Torkington  Samantha Millington 
3rd  Ava Kimberley  n/a  Seanna Ravi 
4th  Hope Walker/Seanna Ravi  Amelia Jones  Mackenzie Scott 


Running Club Finale 

The last session of Running Club will be held on Tuesday 15th September. Students who have achieved distance milestones will be presented with a certificate in their classroom later in that week. Presentations of medals to Running Club Champions will be made with the Athletics Carnival Presentations. 


Important Dates

Please refer to the school calendar on this website for more information

6th September  - 12th September - Term 3 Week 7

Sunday - Father's Day

Monday - Year 3 Retreat

Tuesday - Class visit Kindy Red & Board Meeting

Wednesday -

Thursday - Footsteps Dance - PP - Year 5

Friday - Dance - Yr 6 & P & F Fathers' Night

Saturday - Reconciliation 10am & 2pm


13th September - 19th September - Term 3 Week 8

Sunday -

Monday -

Tuesday - Class visit Kindy Green & Online Learning Journey

Wednesday -

Thursday - Footsteps Dance - PP - Year 5

Friday - Certificate Presentation

Saturday - P & F Quiz Night & Reconciliation Certificate Mass


Our Classroom News

News from Year 6


The Year 6 ministry groups have been working hard to plan newexciting experiences to create the best Term 3 possible. We are also working hard to let you know about the school community by announcing at assemblies, advertising around the school, etc. Some of the events that have happened around the school are Smile Week, Talent Quest and many other events in the works! We even had Jessica Stojkovski take time out of her busy schedule to chat to us about her role as part of our Civics and Citizenship studies!  


The Year 6 Special Events Ministry is organising a Liwara Talent Show for students in Year 1 to 6. This will be held for the students in Week 10 on Monday afternoon, the 21st September. Auditions will be held for each year level on Friday 18th September.  One act from each year group will be chosen to perform in the Liwara Talent Show. The acts need to be 3 minutes or less. Students can audition in groups or individually and can dance, sing, tell jokes, play an instrument or any other creative ideas. Each act will be recorded and uploaded to the student’s Seesaw accountWe cannot wait to see the students shining and showing us their talents on the stage. Please encourage your child to create an act to perform and audition in front of their own year level. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 


Footsteps Dance

Dancing Lessons

Every Thursday during Term 3, the Ahern Centre has been filled with toe-tapping music and the prancing feet of many dancing queens and kings as Tayla, from Footsteps Dance Company, leads all our students from Pre-Primary to Year 5 through a range of dance routines. Each Year level will then focus on their favourite routine to perform at the Showcase at the end of the term.

We can't wait!


Library News

CBCA BOOK WEEK 2020 - October 17-23

This year we will be holding our Book Week parade on Thursday October 22nd.  Children are encouraged to come to school on that day dressed as their favourite book character. More parade details will be circulated in Term 4.

We like other schools and public libraries across Australia will spend the week celebrating books, and Australian authors and illustrators. Children will have opportunities to participate in activities relating to a theme to highlight the importance of reading.



Sustainability Wrap 

Wow! What a fantastic fortnight of sustainability here at Liwara CPS! We have harvested a few vegetables for our school canteen as you can see in the photos below and we have planted rocket and other seedlings in the lead up to spring. When grown slowly, the natural way, our vegetables have sprouted in irregular shapes, much like those you find in the ‘Odd Bunch’ vegetables at Woolworths. We pray for more rain like we had earlier this week (minus the stormy weather of course!) to grow bumper crops of vegetables to supplement our canteen’s supply in the months to come.


Green Team Harvest2
Beets and Carrots1
Little Rocket
Lovely Lettuce

Recycling News

Did you know that in addition to Greenbatch and redcycle recycling, Liwara also now recycles spent pens and markers? We are very fortunate that Heidy Nemere, mother of Chalize (1R) and Emily (3G) has volunteered to take our school collection of spent markers and pens to Officeworks for recycling. Please collect your old, pens, textas and markers from home and at school for recycling. Ask your child to place them into our new camouflage coloured recycling bin outside the Visual Arts room, pictured below. Let’s all do our bit to stop adding needless rubbish to landfill!

Handy hints for Sustainability

This week’s handy hint for our Liwara parents is to share the following video with your family.


Stewardship Cartoon

The video comes from Caritas Australia and concerns stewardship which was outlined in Laudato Si’, an encyclical of Pope Francis back in 2015. As it is the poorest communities in our world that are most greatly affected by the changes to our planet, for example consumerism, Catholic organisations such as Caritas Australia are attentively addressing these environmental concerns by promoting actions that are caring for our planet and its resources. Stewardship or ‘respect for Creation’, which is real sustainability in action, is clearly shown in this video link above. By supporting Caritas Australia and other LifeLink organisations, and by actively recycling whenever you can, you too can help to care for our common home and live in stewardship with our planet. This is Pope Francis’ key sustainability message from Laudato Si’.

Stay calm and keep recycling Liwara! Have another wonderful week Liwara!

Outside School Hours Care News


Vacation Care is Just around the corner.....

Our Vacation Care program will be circulated next week.

Some of the vacation care highlights are -

  • Magic Palooza
  • Silent Disco
  • Ninja Warrior Bouncy Castle
  • Messy Play Day
  • Royal Show Day
  • French Fashion Day
  • Book Character Come to Life
  • Art Extravaganza
  • Tricky Trivia Day
  • BYO Wheels Day
  • Pyjama and Movie Day

A Fortnight of Activities

The children have enjoyed -

  • learning the Year 6 dances and they even did a small performance at OSHC
  • making magnetic fishing rods practicing their fishing skills.
  • making cards and shrink art key chains for Father's Day
  • having Hama Bead fun
  • building different designs with the waffle blocks. One of their favourite creations was a plane, which they took to fly to Ireland and Bali
  • practicing our hand eye coordination with Foosball.



Canteen News


Thanks to the wonderful students that tend the school garden we received some lovely purple and orange carrots and some huge beetroot. These have been added into our salads and quiches.

The beetroots were really amazing, we made some chocolate and beetroot muffins and a yummy beetroot hummus which has been added to the options list on several items on the menu while our stock lasts.
We appreciate your hard work.

Deb & Cathy



CAH-001009 triple COVID JPG
newspaper recycling (002)


School holidays are fast approaching and it's now time to book a free HelpingMinds workshop for your kids!

Each workshop is filled with fun and exciting activities designed for children who are at risk of developing a mental health issue or supporting a family member or friend with mental health challenges. Click on the workshop in your area to find out more.

Perth Metro Area Workshops
Rockingham - Ages 8-12
Baldivis - Ages 8-12
Canning Vale - Ages 8-12
North Beach - Ages 8-15
Midland - Ages 8-15
Ellenbrook - Ages 8-15
Perth - Ages 8-12

Places are limited and bookings are essential. To register, or for more information, visit our website or call us on 9427 7100


newspaper recycling (002)
2020 Open Day_Servite College92


MercyCare is a not for profit, catholic provider of services and we are trying to raise the profile of services in the community that aim to keep people over 65yrs living at home for longer. These services are government funded and assist individual’s in their own home with services such as transport, meals, gardening, domestic assistance etc.


Parents & Friends News

All Saints' Parish News

All Saints' Catholic Church

ADDRESS: 7 Liwara Place, GREENWOOD WA 6024​
TELEPHONE: 9447 6225      FAX: 9246 2692​
MOB: 0435 173 454 (for URGENT pastoral needs only)​


& Friday - 10.00am to 3.00pm​

MASSES: Monday – Friday 9.00am​

Saturday – 9.00am & Vigil -6.00pm​
Sunday – 7.30am, 9.30am & 5.30pm​
(Anointing every 2nd Saturday of the month)​

Reconciliation: Saturday 9.30am – 10.00am & ​

5.00pm – 5.30pm or by request​


Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)

Would you like to find out more about the Catholic Faith?

We are here to answer your questions, help you to find as much information as possible, and guide you through the process to receive the sacraments and become a Catholic if that’s what you desire.

Sessions are aimed at

  • Adults from non-Christian backgrounds;
  • Adult Christians from other Christian faiths;
  • Adult baptised Catholics who have not received the Sacraments of Confirmation and

Eucharist, or want to refresh their knowledge and understanding.

Come along and find out what the Church has to offer. We commence shortly.

For further information, please contact the Parish Office (Mon, Wed and Fri 10am—3pm) on 0466 604 754

24:7 Greenwood Youth Ministry - 23rd August

Youth Group Goal - To explain what original sin is, how it affects us as humans and how baptism helps us get over original sin.

Goal Status  - This was achieved as we had a talk from one of our leaders who explained these points and it was well received by the youth.

Youth Group Attendance  - 21

Youth Group Talk / Focus  - Sin Part 1: Original Sin and baptism - Catherine Acres

  • Original sin was created after Adam and Eve disobeyed God in the garden of Eden.
  • Original sin broke our relationship with God, ourselves, each other, and creation.
  • Baptism helps restore us to our true human nature and corrects the wrongs that have been created by original sin, through Jesus.

Next Youth Group Theme - Sin Part 2: How Jesus saved us from our sin

Last Week’s Non-Youth Group Ministry Activities / Mass

Both our student and volunteer leaders had the opportunity to attend one of our 24:7 Leadership Training days, Faith on Fire, along with our Youth Ministers last Saturday. It was a fantastic afternoon, where we had the chance as a leadership team, to discuss ideas and vision for where we want 24:7 Whitfords to go in the future. There were separate workshops for volunteer and student leaders, run by 24:7 Youth Ministers from all over the Archdiocese.

The afternoon finished with input from an amazing guest speaker, Marty MacFarlane, a close friend of the 24;7 Family, who talked to us about why and how we can have discussions of Faith with others. He inspired us with his love for our Catholic Faith, Our Lady and the Rosary.

24:7 Greenwood Youth Ministry - 30th August

Youth Group Goal- To explain why it had to be Jesus who saved us from our sins, not someone else.

Goal Status- This was achieved as we had a talk from one of our youth ministers who explained why it had to be Jesus as well as holding small groups to look further into this topic.

Youth Group Attendance- 23

Youth Group Talk / Focus - Sin Part 2: Why it had to be Jesus who saved us from our sins-Anthony

  • At the fall, God said that one of the sons of Eve will crush the serpent’s head. This verse was prophesying that someone would come along and restore humans to our true nature.
  • When we read the old testament, we should always be thinking of this, and as we go along we can see that people like, Moses, Abraham, David, etc., all found favour with God, but still ended up falling into sin during their life.
  • We then broke into small groups and discussed what was different about Jesus (other than being the son of God) and why there had to be a change from sacrificing, like the Israelites did.

Next Youth Group Theme- Sin Part 3: Justice and Mercy

Parish/Newsletter Promotion

24:7 Greenwood Youth Group - 30th August 

For all youth in Years 6-12

Every Sunday 6:30pm-8:00pm at the Church meeting room

Call Anthony on 0455 108 885 or Georgia on 0458 197 685 for more information

God bless,

Anthony and Georgia

24:7 Greenwood Youth Ministers

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